Local SEO for small business – A Primer

As competition on the internet is getting tougher and high organic search engine rankings are becoming more challenging to achieve, small business owners benefit a lot from making sure that their online presence targets their local market. Fortunately, you don’t need a big budget or complicated plans to follow these steps.



  1. Make the most of keywords that target your local area.

It’s easier to get higher rankings in local search since it isn’t too competitive. If your service business has keyword phrases like “plumbing and heating” alone, you’ll be competing with all the other plumbing and heating services all over the world. If you’re targeting keyword phrases like “Phoenix plumbing and heating”, then you’ll only be competing with services in Phoenix who have websites set up and are trying to optimize their online presence.

  1. Optimize information on your website.

Making sure that all the information found on your website is properly optimized since your website is your most important asset online. As much as possible, your domain should include your complete business name. Your page titles should have important keywords that relate to your services and location. Make sure that you incorporate your company’s name, address and phone number info (NAP) in each page of your website as well.

  1. Create an effective link strategy.

Establishing your online presence requires links to and from other related websites. This helps you become more visible and adds to your company’s authenticity. As SEO constantly evolves, don’t try to take shortcuts by including irrelevant links or spamming your link on other sites since this will damage your site visibility in the long run. Do this organically by sharing your link via social media channels, including it in newsletters, and guest posting on other blogs. Special thanks to Ryan and Co & Destin SEO & Internet marketing services for helping with our link building strategy.

  1. Actively respond to online reviews.

Engaging with customers on online review sites is a great way to boost your online visibility. Regularly respond to reviews whether they’re positive or negative. Encourage customers to leave ratings if they’re happy with the service they received. Link to sites where they can post reviews as well. Most importantly, never leave false reviews! These can be found out very easily and once they are, it’ll greatly damage your search visibility and your business’ reputation. If you follow these steps, your business will rank much higher on both the local review sites and on search engines.

  1. Engage customers on social media.

Being active on social media sites will attract more followers and help your site rank high on search listings. Create a solid strategy to engage followers on all the social media platforms you’re currently on and make sure to post on a regular schedule. Provide updates to products, hold contests and promotions and respond to customers who reach out to you via social media and you’ll see your ranking skyrocket!


Need to knows for every web designer


Web design as a job, seen through the eyes of people that actually do it for a living is a set of skills or more likely, an arsenal of different knowledge that can offer you a lot of excitement and creativity, as far jobs go. In today’s world, information is everywhere, so people working in web designs come from all kinds different backgrounds. This is a developing branch of business that is growing every day but has a long enough history to set some pretty important rules. They are sometimes hidden from us or we simply overlook them. Here’s a list helpful tips that can make your job as web designer better.

professionalismProfessionalism – when you say you are a web designer, that can actually mean a few different things since web design is more of a network of different skills than one job description. In every part of the job you do, you need to maintain a level of professionalism. You need to be trustworthy and reliable in order to make it out there, word gets out fast when reputation is in question and you should be focused on making that word as positive as possible. Enjoying and appreciating your business will help greatly there, since honest effort is the best motivation driver and healthy business attitude.

web_navs_22Navigation – down to the point, let’s talk about your “products”. No matter your line of work, your job is one same as mine at every point: making good stuff. If your product is good, it will sell, it’s as easy as that. If you are building web sites, the same rule applies. Your web location is only as good as it can be read and understood, clicked and browsed through. Making the site navigation as good as possible, making it easy and intuitive to look for obvious stuff is essential. You need to understand your visitors and think about them, making your sites user friendly.

usability-web-design-simplicity-common-sense1Simplicity – as far as web design goes – the less is more. Since the core feature of the web is being “online”, there are certain side effects. Sending information on distant computers and devices is sometimes in question and has limits as far as technology goes. Your sites need to work fast on any device and you should aim to get supported on as many sites as possible. Also, visual simplicity makes for better navigation and overall better look. Avoid content clutter at all times and keep in mind the basic design and composition rules.

r11Colors – remember that computer screens are big and bright, but that the same content can go on a tiny phone screen and work with that. Colors can change or look different sometimes or create problems by straining the eye if selected poorly. Always consider the psychological effect they have on people and learn as much as you can that part of design. A lot of web design is about getting the message through and a good web designer should never forget it when creating content.